In the mid 1980’s Eurcon Tiles pioneered designer concrete tiles in India and has since become synonymous with the category. Innovative shapes and designs from Eurocon revolutionised the industry’s perception of tiles. Today, you’ll find Eurocon Tiles in almost every prestigious project across India: 5-star hotels, posh residences, villas, residential townships, IT parks and recreation clubs.

The concept of ‘green’ products has gained momentum in the recent past. However Eurocon has been ‘green’ since 1995 – much before any other tile company was even aware of this eco-friendly concept. The manufacturing process consumes minimal conventional energy and the environment is benefitted by our responsible recycling initiatives.

If our entrepreneurial spirit made us the first of our kind globally, our commitment to excellence has made us the finest as well. Eurocon Tiles has become the industry’s benchmark; and comes in the largest range of shapes and sizes, colours and textures. Not just in India. But in the whole world.

Eurocon has since moved into advanced high performance & speciality concretes, creating customized architectural products, custom made to the design specs of architects. We create concrete facades, shades, screen walls and furniture . Our new range offers speciality flooring products, with high performance characteristics

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